Saturday, October 13, 2007


Yet another bit of Islamic stupidity.

Or, perhaps it isn't the Muslims that are stupid, but Britain as a whole. Last week, it was a grocery store that decided to let them decide what they'll sell. Now, it's medical students who refuse to learn about things that offend them- like alcohol, venereal disease, women, and on and on.

And they aren't getting bitch-slapped for it, which is kind of amazing to me. I suppose that, in the end, if they're booted from school, that kinda accomplishes the end result, but still.

What is it with these people? If you're so messed up that you can't control yourself when you see a woman's ankle, chin or whatever, then you need to be locked up, and subjected to serious therapy.

And I suspect most people would be. But not if you're Muslim. Then, you complain to the authorities, and they'll support you. It's happened at least once that I recall- a woman was "blamed" for her own rape, because the man couldn't control himself.

It's becoming intolerable. In some communities in Scandinavia, women are forced to cover their heads to keep from being physically and verbally abused. Others are dying their hair brown, so they don't look European.

And yet, the Islamists still are being allowed to make even more rules for the rest of us.

Britain is very close to the tipping point, if not actually beyond it. It's now an Islamic nation, but it simply refuses to admit it yet.

And I used to be a complete Anglophile. Sigh.

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