Monday, June 23, 2008

Why vote Democrat?

For a couple weeks now, I've been contemplating the ultimate question: Why would anyone vote for a Democrat? It really is a puzzle. The basic tenets of our liberal friends are ones that make no sense. A quick glance might be constructive, methinks.

Abortion. Most conservatives think that vacuuming out an embryo, so that the potential mother doesn't have to be inconvenienced is A Bad Thing. For a Democrat, of course, it's all about choice, and this embryo isn't a Real Person. Unless of course, a pregnant woman is murdered by her husband/boyfriend, in which case then he's guilty of murdering two people. The fact that this leads to additional jail time for the man is A Good Thing. So is the baby a person or not? Depends on who kills it. If a woman murders an unborn baby (or a doctor doing the dirty work for her) then the embryo is not alive. If a man kills it, along with the woman, then it's a dual murder.

High oil prices.  Again, as a conservative, I think that oil prices are too high.  Yes, I understand the whole concept of "supply and demand".  But I also understand that this means that, if demand is driving up prices, then one option is to increase supply.  Let me spell it out:  High demand+low supply=high prices.  On the other hand, High demand+high supply=lower prices.  Anyone that knows me will nod their head when I say I'm not terribly good at math, but even I can understand this one.  It ain't rocket science.

But it goes even further.  It isn't just that our leftist friends don't understand the basic economic facts here.  It's that the ones that do understand the facts, don't care.  There's a greater good here.  It's all about getting you to do the right thing.  If the price of gas goes up, that's A Good Thing.  Why?  Because it makes people drive less, thus cutting down on pollution, and presumably fighting global warming.

The bad news is, if people drive less, then tax revenues go down.  So we might have to increase taxes anyway.  But it's all for our own good, right?

Of course, there's another small matter here.  The people that are most affected are the ones that have the least amount of money.  Which tends not to be our liberal friends.  Interesting note:  if you make $10 and hour, and it costs $40 to fill your gas tank, then that's half a day's work.  Of course, you already pay about $3.50 an hour in taxes, which leaves you with about $6.50 for an hour's work.  So now, it's about six hours worth of work that you've done.  If you have to fill up your car once a week, then you're spending about 16% of your NET pay on gas.  Combine that with the (roughly) 35 % the government takes off the top, and you've lost half of your income.  

Now imagine that this poor soul is a single parent, trying to raise their child.  It's virtually impossible.  Of course, they can get a second job, but that would mean working all day every day, and not spending any time with their child.  Which isn't healthy for the child.  Or they can save money and gas by riding the bus.  For an hour or two each day.  Again, less time for the child.

 But have no fear- they'll give the parent money to pay for the child's daycare.  And her medical costs.  After all, that's the job of the government, right?  Now sure, it'll mean a tiny bit more money coming out of the parent's paycheck to pay for it all, but what the hell.  It's only money, and it's for a great cause.  And we have an obligation to help raise the child.

Oh, and of course, if the mother had made the right decision and killed her baby before it was born, well this wouldn't be a problem, now would it?

Of course, if you're well-off enough to be a Democrat, the numbers are different.  You probably make about $30 an hour, so that same tank of gas costs you about 2 hours work.  And since you have all that extra money that you aren't using for food and the like, you can likely afford a newer car.  Like a hybrid or something.  A car that gets better gas mileage than your $10/hr cohort gets from their 10 year old Prizm.  So in fact, our well-to-do Democrat would spend even less than $40 bucks a week on gas.  

Our Democrat friend also has enough money to keep his new car tuned up and running efficiently, unlike our first guy.  Which of course keeps the gas mileage even higher.

So our first guy is barely able to keep his car even running, thanks to the Democratic party and their "no drill, no refine, add on more taxes" policy.

Imagine how crappy it would be if they weren't the defenders of the poor.

National Security.   Here's a great idea:  Let's go to every psychotic dictator in the world, and ask them to "pretty please with a cherry on top" deign to have a "dialogue" with the president.  If it isn't too much trouble.  If they're an Islamic psycho, that's even better.  (Remember, Islam is the religion of peace, and if you deny that, they'll slit your throat while praising Allah).

Yeah, great plan.

Of course, we must also remember that they support the troops.  By calling them "children", "baby killers", "losers", "ignorant", "puppets" and so on.  And by using the media to tell terrorists and hostile countries what our strategy is.  How the hell do these jackasses sleep at night?

The Environment.  Oooh, this is a good one.  We mustn't drill for oil, because that's bad for the environment.  At least when the US does it.  If China and Cuba drill for oil just outside our borders, we'll ignore it.  And if Russia, Venezuela, or Iran drill for oil off their coasts, well, apparently it doesn't hurt the environment.  Because we know how much they care about the birdies, right?

Can 't build refineries, either.  Might cause pollution.  And we all know the horribly bad safety record of the nuclear power industry in our country.  Every month it seems there's yet another accident, killing hundreds of people while releasing yet another cloud of radioactive gas across the heartland of America.

But at least they favor the most efficient form of energy, wind.  Why, a few years back, there was a plan to build a wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts.  A plan that was defeated by that evil empire of Republicans, led by that reactionary fascist Kennedy family.  Can't allow wind farms to cut into the profits on their oil stocks- er, to sully the view from their estate, and perhaps even interfere with their sailing.

Hypocritical bastards.

Oh, and if you really want to be appalled, then go to one of the rallies against BusHitler, Cheney, the War, and all the other great evils of America.  And count the number of signs bearing the likeness of such environmental defenders as Kim Jong Il, Josef Stalin, and Fidel Castro.  Why these men are towers of strength when it comes to protecting the trees and fishes.  The enlightened policies of Kim, for instance, ensure that nobody in his democratic paradise touches any trees.  Not since they were all cut down for fuel, that is.  And the people there don't eat meat either.  Or much of anything else, for that matter.

But thank God Kim doesn't support the war in Iraq.  Hell, he even endorses the Messiah himself, Obama!

And by the way, for all you brilliant people out there, which do you suppose uses more oil- pumping oil down a pipeline from northern Alaska to the Panhandle, or moving a gigantic oil tanker from The Persian Gulf to Los Angeles?

I'll give you some time to think about that one.  Hope your head doesn't explode.

Electoral Politics.  Here's a goodie.  It's time to vote for Hope and Change.  And a change of hope.  And the hope that change will come, if we only hope enough.  And to change our hopes.

Come on now- what the hell does all of this really mean?  Hope and Change is a completely asinine platform.  It's pure unadulterated gibberish.  It means nothing.  NOTHING!!!

And even if it did have some significance, it would be bad.  Hitler promised the German people "change".  And boy, did he ever deliver.  Along with a healthy dose of "hope".  At least until the bombs started dropping on their cities, killing thousands of civilians.  To go along with the tens of thousand young men dying all across Europe.

But remember the key fact:  He did deliver on his promise of hope and change.

Who the hell decided that it was a good idea to vote for Obama for president?  And why the hell did they decide it?  He's a complete and utter nothing.  An empty suit, promising to fix every problem, if only you'll elect him.

And how will he fix every problem?  All together now- "With hope and change".

A side note.  I have one liberal friend that I can stand.  And once, when I commented on The Messiah being an empty suit, he replied that I was mostly correct, but that the occasional concrete idea put forth by this moron is dangerour and scary.  It's perhaps better that we not know what he has in mind, since his public pronouncements are terrifying enough.

But the good news is, he understands our pain- hell, he has to spend lots of money on organic arugula.  And on private schools and camps for his devil spawn.

Good thing his wife gets $300,000 a year for doing.... something.  Nobody's really sure what she does, but she must be good at it.  After all, she got a big promotion just a couple years ago.  Right after he was elected to the Senate.  A great time for the Holy Family, huh?

But don't fear.  He's gonna change the way politics are done in this country.  He's brilliant and can handle anything.  Look at how he's already cured the problem of race in this country, by giving his friend the "Reverend" Wright a great big national pulpit to preach.  Until he became a liability.  Then he had to go.

And by the way, why does this idiot make such a big issue of being "Black"?  He's half white.  And was raised by his white relatives.  So why is he so adamant about being identified with them?

Cuz it's convenient, baby.  A week or so ago, I had a chat with a lovely woman of mixed ethnicity.  She's working on her doctorate, and studying how multi-racial people self-identify. Essentially, she believes, the decision comes down to which race gives the greatest political advantages.  Or, to put it another way, which race allows one to play the victim card most effectively.

But onward.  So this jackass preaches about hope and change, and the media all wet themselves in adoration.  And they ignore his constant stream of stupid comments, while also waxing lyrically about what a great speaker he is.  Uh huh.

Of course, this year's election is one that we Conservatives have no stake in.  It's bad enough we have a hard-core socialist representing the Democratic Party.  But no, we also have a moderate Democrat representing the "Republican" Party.  This other idiot is so busy being the Maverick, that he doesn't even realize which party he belongs to.  He doesn't give a rat's ass about conservatives like me.  Because we don't know anything.  And we're wrong about what this country needs, dadgum it.  Trust in the Maverick!

Or the Messiah.  Doesn't matter.  Either of the M&M Boys will do.  They've got pretty much the same stances anyway.  And the ones that they differ on are essentially cosmetic anyway.

Bah.  I could go on for hours, but why bother.  I've said enough.  In conclusion, the Democrats believe it's okay to kill babies.  They support high prices and high taxes, but only because they care about the poor.  They favor policies to protect the environment, but only so long as it doesn't affect them, and only so long as it forces us to hand over billions of dollars to other countries.  And they favor a strong defense, except for the part about supporting the military.

So here's the final thought:  Why would any rational person ever-EVER- support the Democrats, or ever vote for one of them?  My mind is literally incapable of understanding it.

Rot in hell, democrats.  Just piss off and rot in hell.