Saturday, January 17, 2009

Change is coming!

Wow.  It looks like the Messiah is bringing real hope and change to Washington already.  Those poor bastards on Wall Street are taking a break from jumping out of windows to go down to D.C. and get a taste of Hopey-change.

Of course, they're all donating money to the Messiah's inauguration in order to do it.  It now appears that the banking industry has collectively ponied up  almost 4 Million bucks so these jackasses can attend the coronation of the Messiah.  More money than even the legal profession and Hollywood.

I'm shocked.  I thought that Wall Street was in the pocket of the Republicans (or vice versa), and that they didn't like his Obamaness.  Presumably the money they gave his campaign was to accomplish something important that would harm him, because they wanted so desperately for him to lose.

Ditto for the money they gave him while he was in the Senate.  The money that the media doesn't mention because it might sound a bit dicey if they inform us that, while the bankers were driving their own companies into the ground, they were donating piles of money to Democrats.  Goes against the Theme, you know.

What a bunch of hypocrites.  And the media is even worse.  They won't mention this, anymore than they mention the other bits of hypocrisy coming from His Worshipfullness.  But some of us will face the scorn of the Acolytes by pointing out that the investors going to rub shoulders with His Gloriousness might have reasons to do so.

About 700 billion reasons.  And counting.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Saving the economy

Well apparently, we're told, the Messiah and his minions are saving the economy already.  Obama junk is selling like the proverbial hotcakes, and helping keep the economy afloat.

By that logic then, I guess that all the pointless bumper stickers touting "Nothing accomplished" and "Bush lied, people died" kept the economy afloat during the Bush years.  So perhaps we should then credit Bush, because his fascistic policies kept these bumper sticker manufacturers afloat.  And thus, the economy kept functioning.

In that spirit, I call on all loyal readers (whoever you are) to do your part to keep the economy functioning.  Buy more stuff, and contribute more money to the government, so that the bankers can keep their huge bonuses!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hey boys, take a look at this!

Hmmm.  Here's an interesting post.  Via GorillaMask.  Apparently, somebody pulled an "oopsie" and showed some softcore porn on Hamas' TV station.

Or did they....?  Maybe somebody really recognizes how messed up Muslims really are, and wants to show all the 'slammie terrorists what they're really missing.  Cuz I'm willing to bet there aren't any virgins in this crowd.

If you haven't guessed, NSFW.

And for the record, the whole thing could be faked, for all I know.  But I love the concept.