Friday, September 22, 2006

Shame, Shame, Shame

I've just been reading where our old friend, Pete Rose (aka Charlie Hustle- is that a fitting name, or what?) has been at it again. This time, he's hawking autographed balls that say "Sorry I bet on baseball". They're even personalized! How awesome!

Oh, but wait. He apparently only signed 300 of them, and never thought they'd be sold. Yeah right. I suppose he thinks everyone in the world is stupid, except him. What hubris.

So this got me thinking about an old topic. What is the right way to deal with people who are so slimy and contemptible that it staggers the mind? People like, oh say, the Clintons? Those who think, "well some people might think this is wrong, but what do they know? I like it, so I'll just do it. Nobody will care."

I have a theory. One that I came up with years ago, just for the above-mentioned family of crap-balls. There should be an amendment to the Constitution just to allow us to deal with them. And it should say something to the effect of "Given that some people are so slimy and so worthy of contempt from every reasonable human being, it is therefore permitted for ordinary people, when passing them on the street, to bitch-slap them senseless. Further, since the above mentioned punishment is too precise, let it be understood that bitch-slapping is only a suggestion. Kicking them in their deformed little willys is also allowed, and any other form of abuse the average citizen wishes to subject them to."

Just a nice little reminder to these crap-balls that there are some things too despicable for society.

And here's a little thought about it: How many of the Looney Leftists would take this opportunity if it were offered to them? I bet more leftists that conservatives. After all, they favor violence against police, attacking politically incorrect people and speech, and advocate arson against businesses that they think are harmful to the environment.

Not terribly likely, I concede. But a boy can dream, no?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Gas Pains?

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that we were cautioned about the imminent climb of gas prices? I remember hearing about the problems with a pipeline in Alaska, and hearing rumors of skyrocketing prices. I made sure to stop and top off my tank, at $3.12 a gallon, in the hopes of saving a few bucks. Within a couple days, the price had gone down a few cents. As of today, it's as low as $2.17 around here, with the average being a few cents more. What the hell happened? Now they talk about it possibly going below 2 bucks. Not complaining, but wow.

The big issue that comes to mind though, is the lack of complaint from the Loony Left. Not necessarily about lower prices (though that could be an issue with these clowns, since low price=higher consumption. Another example of why I hate liberals- but I digress).

Think about it: there's an election in just over 6 weeks, and the Loonies haven't (to my knowledge) said Word One about Bush manipulating prices for the election. I mean, we all know that Bush controls everything, and especially oil prices (after all, he does everything to help his oil baron friends, right?), so why aren't our Loony friends accusing him of this already? Maybe they're just waiting for the election to get closer, so that Bush will have less time to respond- think of the infamous DUI leak in.... crap, I can't recall which of his (stolen) elections that one came up in.

Anyhow, I guess in the next few weeks, if the price of gas keeps dropping, the Loonies will come out, and launch into yet another conspiracy theory of how the Stupidest Man in History is controlling everything, while putting up a front of incompetence and corruption.

And most likely, The Unenlightened People That Don't Understand will then go out and vote for the conservatives again, thus throwing the MSM into fits of rage.

I can't wait!