Friday, January 05, 2007

How not to win a war

The brilliance continues. Now the dhimmicrats in the senate are saying that they might pass legislation requiring Bush to get their approval before he can send more troops to Iraq.

I think they need to do some reading first. As I recall, Bush is the Commander in Chief. This means that he, how shall I put this, commands the military. If he wants to send more troops to Iraq, I don't think these morons have any constitutional basis to demand he gets their permission first. They have the right to refuse funding for the troops, which I suppose they could do. (I wish they would, so that the people could see where their priorities lie). Otherwise, I think it comes down to "advise and consent".

Then, I would suggest they read some history. There's a story that, during the Constitutional Convention, someone suggested that the US Army be limited in size to a certain number. George Washington, the story goes, rose and stated that he would support the idea, provided that they also put it in the Constitution that any country with which we went to war should be similarly limited.

Thus endeth debate on that topic. This is what happens when idiots are confronted with integrity and competence, by people that actually have a grasp of reality.

God, I despair of these morons. Is it required for a person to be completely brain-dead before they can become a democrat, or does it just seem that way?


Ah well, after that, it appears they'll have hearings (in public, I would wager), about how he's conducted the War. Because there's nothing better for troop morale than to have politicians talk about how screwed up the commanders are. But I bet the terrorists will love it. Along with all the other people that want to see the US humiliated and beaten.

As my father often said, "Stupidity reigns supreme".