Sunday, June 15, 2008

The stupidest person ever

I'm floored.  Today, as I drove to work, I passed a car with a couple bumper stickers on it.  The first one really caught my attention, the second one was worth a mere eye-roll.

Ready?  The first read:
Remember Katrina
Vote Democratic

And then:
We all live in New Orleans.

As I said, the second is a Kumbaya, "we are all one" piece of drivel.  But the first...

Good Lord, does this person have any clue what actually happened?  Leaving aside their likely view that the omnipotent BusHitler caused the hurricane, why would the events of Katrina encourage one to support the Dhimmicrats? 

Unless of course crap-for-brains believes in waste, inefficiency, abuse, fraud and general incompetence.  Then, of course, supporting the idiot mayor and the helpless damsel in the governor's office makes sense.

I am really, truly, genuinely staggered by this.  I simply can't believe that anyone-even a liberal- could be this moronic.

And this is from someone that thinks voting democratic should probably be a capital offense.

But that's a topic for another post...