Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The 6 P's in action

Remember the six P's? Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance...? I think we might have actual proof of that here.

Once again we have some wacked-out kid going to a school and starting to shoot people. Fortunately, the only person killed was the shooter, who offed himself.

At this point, insert the obligatory "sorry for his family, poor child had problems and was ignored by the system and whatever else" comments.

What strikes me though, is the fact that nobody else was killed. Why? Well, probably there are a number of explanations, but the fact that struck me on reading the article is that there seemed to be a plan for this.

At last! A school that seems to understand that bad things happen, and that if you prepare for it and it never happens, you're better off than if you do nothing and disaster strikes.

'...Student Latisha Hill told one television station students began taking cover when the emergency command was announced and she locked herself in a bathroom until police knocked on the door and let her out.

"All I know is I heard the principal yell 'code blue,"' Hill said.'

The school had a "code word" and when it was announced, it appears that students reacted properly- seeking cover and concealment, like well-trained soldiers do, and waiting for the authorities to arrive. No indications of mass panic, or little sheep sitting there waiting for the wolf to come and get them.

And that's not all: There's another, even more amazing piece of information in the article. The CEO of the school district seems to have a sense of perspective also.

'[School district CEO Eugene] Sanders said he was canceling classes at all Cleveland public schools on Thursday so that parents, students and faculty could "take a breather" and "put this in perspective."'

No bleating about "grief councilors" or any of that drivel. They're simply talking about "put[ting] this in perspective".

Wow. Simply wow. I am so impressed right now with the Cleveland School District. I hope that they keep this up, and don't give in to the whiny leftists who will want an army of councilors to come in and have healing circles for the victims, or whatever else they do.

Someone with an obvious problem came into the school and did something insane. The school district was prepared for it, and apparently helped prevent things from getting too out of hand.

That's the advantage of planning, folks.

I salute the Cleveland School District, and the faculty, staff and students at SuccessTech.

Plan for the worst, and you just might prevent it.

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