Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The future of health care

Just got an email from my friend Ed. He linked to this article.

Scary stuff indeed. The absolute best points made about the whole thing are in the comments. Specifically, comments 7, and especially 37.

Not sure how this is even remotely legal. Or ethical. Which takes me back to comment 37.

It's all reminiscent of the whole issue of fathers being unjustly accused of child abuse by bitter, vengeful, psychotic wives, which hopefully peaked back in the late 80s and early 90s. (An issue with which my family unfortunately became quite familiar).

The ultimate example of stupidity with the abuse issue was a man who was almost sent to jail for molesting his daughter. Why? Because when she was being grilled by the authorities (mind you, the girl was about 5 years old) she said that she and Daddy went swimming. They asked her if she and Daddy wore clothes, and she replied that they didn't.

Of course, being 5 years old, she didn't get the nuance: no, they didn't wear clothes. When you go swimming, you wear bathing suits, not clothes.

Fortunately that guy was lucky.

I confess that I don't understand how this doctor could do such a thing. Asking about their parents seems pretty far out of line anyway. Reporting it to the police seems illegal on at least 2 or 3 levels. Not to mention, incredibly unethical.

But hey. Gotta protect the kids, even from Mommy and Daddy. Regardless of whether they're doing anything wrong or not.

God, I hate liberals.

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