Wednesday, July 25, 2007

See? I told you so

Yesterday, while reviewing the nominees for the award and congratulating slimeball Michael Vick for winning the most recent "WTF was he thinking?" contest, I made the following statement about one of our nominees:

"He argues that Bush refused to heed a summons from Congress, and that this provides evidence of his intent to overthrow the Constitution and set himself up as El Presidente For Life. (Amazing that when Chavez does this in Venezuela, the Left cheers. When Bush allegedly plots this in the US, it's A Bad Thing. Partisanship conquers all)."

So today, I'm hardly surprised to see (via LGF) an article on Daily Kos which starts off with:

'The British BBC reported yesterday that President Chavez of Venezuela is creating a "single, separate party", suggesting thereby that he is creating a single party state. This is untrue, and yet another example of the pervasive misinformation the western media is distributing about the reality of Chavez and his government.'

Yeah, he's amending the Constitution to allow himself to serve for life, forcing opposition radio stations off the air, and beating up opponents all in the name of democracy.

But no fear! Our intrepid reporter "Justina" has a few other tidbits to toss out. See if you can pick out a few vague threads of her bias here:

"It is indeed ironic that Bush-Chaney administration, the most bellicose, undemocratic, and secretive in U.S. history, dares to charge President Chavez with undermining democracy in Venezuela.
...Democracy is thriving in Venezuela. I only wish it were doing as well in the United States, where the threat of dictatorship is very real."

See? Chavez=Good, Bush=Hitler.

Now on the other hand, we have a comment, (which from what I know of Kos, will likely be removed in a short while, so I add it here) which points out:

"...On a serious note, though, Hugo Chavez has been dismantling privately held businesses and NEWS organizations, nullifying official agreements and governemnt contracts with outside international contractors, and otherwise tightening his grip with an iron fist around the throats of any and all companys and corporations he see's fit, not to mention jailing outspoken Venezuelan citizens who are critical of his leadership, for quite some time. He has also decreed that thou shalt not besmirch his name under penalty of expulsion... among other dictatorial proclomations. Haven't we seen this type of blooming megalomaniacal leadership before, once or thrice, over the last... oh, couple of millenia or so? The company he keeps in private meeting rooms is dubious, to say the least, as well."

Note: All the mis-spellings are from the original. I just can't be bothered to correct the spelling of people who were never taught how to write English. Or use spell-check.

And remember, the loonies at Kos are the ones trying to become the voice of the dhimmicratic party, and leading the charge against Bush. Cuz you know, he's Hitler. And ruling by decree is A Good Thing, provided that the one making the decrees is a leftist. Refusing to give Congress the right to oversee the Executive Branch is a Bad Thing.

At least if you're a Conservative.

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