Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh, to be an athlete

I had forgotten this story for a while. But it's back, and I'm pretty cheesed off. I know a thing or two about Michigan gun laws, and this is so far over the top that I can't believe it.

Rule number 1 of legally carrying a gun (in every state that I've ever heard of) is that you do not- can not- carry one if you've been drinking.

According to the story, Rogers was drunk and had a gun.

Gun violation number 1, check.

Rule number 2 is that you don't ever carry one into a place that serves alcohol on the premises. (In MI, the rule is that they can't make over half of their money from alcohol sales. My guess would be that this holds true of a strip club)

Gun violation number 2, check.

And he allegedly had it in plain view, stuck in the waistband of his pants. Here's a tip: To carry a "concealed weapon" you have to... "conceal" it. If it's in plain view, it's not concealed.

Gun violation 3, check.

And finally, he may have sorta threatened people with it, or at least had it out in plain view for the intimidation factor. That's known as "brandishing" and it's grounds for a revocation of the carrying permit. And can lead to jail time.

Gun violation 4, check.

And yet, Big Baby gets away with it completely. Yup, equality under the law. Now imagine if someone like me- 5 ft 10, and 200 pounds, white, and not rich- went into a strip club and did all of the above. Think I'd be able to shrug it off? Yeah right.

I'm contemplating a letter to the State of Michigan about this. There seems to be no debate about the facts here, and yet there are no charges being filed. Consider if something had happened- if Rogers or somebody else had gotten shot. The outcry would've been huge- drunken people carrying guns on the street! Threatening others with them for no reason! The horror! Revoke all gun permits and make all guns illegal! It's for the children!

But instead some lazy, rich black guy walks off utterly devoid of any consequences. Again. And we see how the law really operates.

It's disgusting. And it's a crime. Or in this instance, possibly 4 crimes.

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