Thursday, May 17, 2007

Utterly amazing

More proof of insanity. My long-abandoned home town strikes a blow for the complete and utter dumbasses of the world.

Given that the city has lost some 2 million residents in my lifetime- roughly 2/3 of it's peak population, to the point that the population of what used to be the fourth-largest city in the country is now below a million; given that the crime rate is, at best, second-highest in the country; the unemployment rate is high; abandoned houses are everywhere; literacy hovers around fifty percent; yadda yadda yadda, you might think they'd have better things to do.

But you would be assuming that the City is run by adults. Ones with functioning brains.

And sadly, you would be wrong. I hope this gets a lot of national attention, so that people in this country will realise what a bunch of morons the "leaders" of this city are.

Remember: these people, being largely... shall we say "disadvantaged", are running the place. And being democrats, they all supported Jenny-poo Granholm for governor. And I would bet that, if they aren't blaming Bush for the fact that Michigan is in a one-state depression, they're claiming that Jenny-poo inherited a mess, and has only had 4 years to fix it.

Of course, she's done nothing but blame other people and try to find the most idiotic ways to "increase" revenue- by means of additional taxes which a 3 year old can tell will actually drive people and businesses out of the State- but hey, she's a Democrat. And therefore she's good. And Kwami (Detroit mayor) is good. And the entire conyers clan...

No way in hell I'll say that. Even sarcastically. The conyers clan is apparently the most stupid family on the earth. As proven by Congressman A**hole's constant attempts to curry favor with the Islamists among us, by making Islam the de facto official religion of the US.

Don't believe me? Do some googling. He's proposed legislation to make desecrating an Islamic flag a crime, proposed hate speech bills to protect Muslims, and so on. He's the leading dhimmi in the entire Congress, if not the entire US.

And coincidentally, he's the Chair of the House Judicial Committee, and the husband of the idiot that proposed this stupid Act.

Sorry. Got a little off-track there. But the fact that these morons are even allowed to have a driver's license is a crime.

Argh. It's only about a month until I leave this God-forsaken State. Hopefully never to move back. Along with most other people who can, I suspect.



Update: I was glancing at the comments for the Free Press story- most of which use the same words to describe these clowns as I did- and I found a reference to this story.

This is the man who the voters trust to run their city. Despite his constant attempts to defraud the voters. Not sure who's the stupidest- the Council or the Mayor.

Actually I do know. It's the voters.

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