Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A trip to peaceful New York

[Hat tip to LittleGreenFootballs]

Here's a nice article about our friendly, peaceful Islamic Brethren in New York. Gunfire and small explosions from a compound that doesn't allow outsiders in.

Nothing to see here. Move along now.

Someday maybe I'll find a place like this to live. But I don't like the whole dirty-nasty-raw sewage-thing. So how about a nice 1500 acre property with a nice big house, located somewhere in Montana or Wyoming, with a breath-taking mountain view....?

If anybody has one of these they want to donate to me and the Church of Secular Democracy (this is just the working name, pending the moment when I come up with a better one), drop me a note. If the property comes with a nice, rich, attractive, single woman, even better.

BTW, Gates of Vienna has written a lot about this same group, and their compound in Virginia. And the folks there are just as charming as the ones in New York.

Remember, Islam is the religion of peace. When in doubt, refer back to the previous statement. When Islam attacks (what a great title for a blog!!!) refer back to the previous statement.


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