Thursday, May 17, 2007


Well, here's an example of the type of thing I posted about a few weeks ago. Slavery in the US.

In this case, it doesn't involve sex (at least not that we currently know of, but I suspect it might). Nor is it about the "Fourth Wave" of women from Eastern Europe.

But it's still about women who came to the US for what they thought were legitimate jobs. And who turned out to be very wrong about that. They were starved, beaten and otherwise abused. Probably suffered all kinds of mental and psychological torture as well.

Is it hard to believe they'd be raped as well?

According to what I've read- and recall, I'm not by any measure an "expert"- the women were probably also illegal aliens. (The article doesn't say that, but mentioning it would be an argument in favor of border security. Hardly something an AP writer would do). And the normal process for the "owners" would be to constantly remind the women of this fact, while also telling them a few other choice lies, in order to convince them that running away to the police would get them- the victims- in trouble.

If a person knows they're in a strange country illegally, then it's easier to convince them that they'll be arrested. And I would suspect that these women are not well-educated enough to know much about the US.

If I had to guess, I'd say that the Indian couple would occasionally read them articles from the newspapers about the horrible people out there who wanted to do nasty things to illegal immigrants, while skipping the ones about the politicians that want to crawl naked over glass to accept people that break our laws.

So anyhow, we have some people who came to the US themselves in order to make a better life. They certainly succeeded, and in the process took advantage of a couple of other people who also wanted to make a better life.

There's a special place in Hell for people like this.

Ah, but we must remember that they are only "alleged" to have held these women illegally. Read the accusations by the Prosecutor, and the casual responses by the lawyers for the defendants, and tell me which one sounds more honest.


A brief update: I just watched the video from the local TV station. The people that they interviewed were the store clerk who found one of the women and called 911, and another man who I presume was a neighbor. He, like the accused, is Indian. He said "it's hard to believe an Indian would do this to someone".

That pisses me off even more. Why is it so hard to believe?

I'm not pointing fingers, but I dunno. I'm kinda curious about this neighborhood and the residents now.

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