Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jukebox of the Mind

Today we have an interesting song for JotM.  This is the great Scottish duo The Corries, doing "Blue Bonnets".  I found this last night, while looking for good Highland Marches in honor of Bill Millin.

I knew the song before, because Natalie MacMaster, an old favorite of mine did a lovely, haunting version of it.  At least I think it's the same song.  I'm not sure, since I can hear no similarities between them.  It might be the instruments, the tempo, etc, but to my untrained ear the two versions are completely different.

I'm not sure which one I prefer.  The fiddle version is, as I said, very haunting.  It's got a sad tone to it, which works well for catharsis when one is feeling down.  The Corries version, with pounding bodhrans, sounds more like what I guess the song is intended to be:  A song to inspire a Highlander to go pummel an Englishman or twenty.  So I guess that's a point in its favor.  (Not encouraging any random Scot to go a-pummeling, but honestly, that's the point of much of their traditional music).

Anybody got an feelings either way?

Anyhow, to warm up for writing this, I watched this video twice, one after the other.  Love the song, but something about the video is equally compelling.  Maybe it's the internal dork in me, but even the outfits they wear seem cool.  I sometimes wish I were younger, so that I would have had the internet as a teenager and young man, when I could have found these traditional or medieval type outfits and worn them as my own particular style.  Don't think I could pull them off so well now.  Ah well.


(DOH!  Almost forgot the video!)

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