Thursday, August 19, 2010


Wow.  Here's an article that explains one of Bambi's problems: He thinks he's so darn smart because he's always been told how gosh-darn smart he is.  Not the most original idea, but here's the quote that I think makes the whole article worthwhile:

“He is so supremely confident in his intellect that he forgets, on his way to the correct decision, to slow down and pick up not-so-gifted stragglers.”

Again, wow.  Just wow.  Of course the woman who made this comment no doubt considers herself to be waaay smarter than the rest of us, or anyone that doesn't agree with Bambi.

So Margaret Carlson, here's what I think:  Screw you.  You're an elitist, arrogant snob who is so convinced of your own superiority that you think everyone that disagrees with you and your ilk does so from stupidity.

And of course, I suspect you think that everyone who disagrees is also part of the "fringe".  Of course, you are too ignorant to realize that, when 70% of the American People disagree with you, there's a good chance that you might actually be on the fringe, and not them.

But you're too convinced of your own superiority.  So again, Margaret Carlson, screw you.

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