Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A quick suggestion

Anybody out there who believes in Truth, Justice, or The American Way, should sprint over to Gates of Vienna and check out today's posts there.

We've been sold out. Bush is speaking tomorrow at a Mosque, where he'll likely spout more "religion of peace" piffle. The US government is working with unelected officials from our neighboring countries to create an American version of the EU. And a real live "moderate Muslim" in Britain, a member of Parliament no less, is resigning because of death threats. He had the audacity to force the government there to request extradition of a couple brutal murderers from Pakistan. These animals tortured and killed one of his constituents, and he thought they should be punished. The Foreign Office disagreed, and apparently so do many British Muslims.

The governments of the West are selling out their people every chance they get. And they're no longer even pretending to care what we think.

Something has to give. Either we run the show or they do. Perhaps it's time we show them who it is. Because before too long, it'll be too late.

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