Monday, June 25, 2007

Another solid candidate

And we don't need to fear... I was concerned that I'd have to give the "WTF was he thinking?" award for this week to the Indianapolis teachers.

But our leftist friends have come through. We have another, probably better, candidate. A writer in Hollywood (there's a shocker) named Peter Mehlman wrote a piece the other day in which he went a bit further than usual. Rather than explain to us in the usual detail that Bush=Hitler (I've written in the past that Bush never equals Stalin or Mao, both of whom did more damage to their own countries than to others. But the point there is that they were both Communists, and therefore Good. Hitler being a Fascist, was Bad. Never mind that Nazi means National Socialist. But I digress)

At any rate, Hitler, while he did slaughter millions of Jews, Gypsies, Gays, Slavs, mentally and physically Handicapped; started a war that killed tens of millions of people and so on; had one advantage over Bush: He meant well. Bush of course, doesn't.

The supreme irony here, of course, is that Mehlman, as most readers have likely already figured out, is... A Jew.

Of course, one could also point out that he comments about how "everyone from Helen Thomas on down" says Bush is the worst president ever. Not sure why, other than being 372 years old, leftist, and god-awful ugly, Ms. Thomas is so important that she rates being on top. Aside from her liberal credentials, which are impeccable. That right there could perhaps earn Mehlman a nomination.

But why pile on? At any rate, for his incredibly stupid comments, Peter Mehlman is nominated for the second "WTF was he thinking?" award.

Oh, and a big old hat-tip to Ace Of Spades for this one.

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