Sunday, June 03, 2007

One for the WTF file

I'm always emailing hither and yon with a friend, over many issues. The other day, I sent him this quote:

'In the Soviet Union, Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko laughed at Carter's human rights record behind his back, but knew how to manipulate Carter in public. Gromyko browbeat Carter, telling him the USSR's health care and housing trumped America's. "I couldn't argue," Carter winced in his book, "Living Faith." "We each had a definition of human rights, and differences like this must be recognized and understood."'
(emphasis added)

It comes from the 7th part of this series about Carter's "leadership" of the US. As I told my friend:

...this story tells me everything I need to know about him. If the man's incapable of responding to that lame of an assertion (read it again if need be), then his moral relativism and ignorance are staggering...

I mean, I think I could have rebutted it when I was 15. Of course, housing and medical care (not that the Soviets could have topped anything save a grass hut and witch doctor respectively with their system) aren't what I think of as "human rights" issues anyway. So dumbass caved on everything, just because he couldn't rebut an obvious untruth...

So for his inability to face up to a representative of a repressive and morally bankrupt regime, despite having the entire US Intelligence establishment at his service- which I suspect could have easily provided the ammunition to rebut Gromyko- Carter decided that "differences like this must be recognized and understood."

How stupid can someone be?

So for his complete inability to respond intelligently to what can only be called a taunt, I give "Dhimmi Jimmy" Carter a great big

WTF was he thinking?


A quick note. I'm thinking perhaps I should add to this new feature the ability to nominate people, and then select a winner every week, month, etc. Any comments?


Jenera Healy said...

I'd make it a regular subject. I'm sure there are MANY people that it can apply to.

gun-totin-wacko said...

That's my hope! Perhaps this'll be my claim to fame and blogging history!

BTW, I've been fiddling with numerous things on this here blogger site. I added you to my list of "blogs I like to read".