Thursday, December 21, 2006

No smoking allowed!

So it seems that the leader of Turkmenistan has gone to his final reward. One would question whether he believed it was possible, given his clear megalomania, but whatever. He was weird, but that's not illegal.

One thought came to mind as I read the article linked above. He had heart surgery a few years back, and thus quit smoking. Once he did, he ordered government people to follow suit. So that brings up a question in my mind: What would the wacko left think about that? They're anti-smoking, which is fine. So are most reasonable conservatives. The difference is that the latter believe that one should be allowed to kill oneself in peace, if they so desire. Leftists would favor banning all smoking, since they're opposed to it. "I don't like this, so you can't do it" is their motto.

So what would a Loonie think of this guy? On the plus side, he was anti-smoking. On the negative side, he didn't allow any dissent. Also tortured prisoners, etc.

I may try a little test. Find some leftists (not hard in my town), and ask them how they'd feel about a leader that made his closest advisors quit smoking. Then ask how they'd feel about the same leader banning dissent, and chasing opponents out of the country. My guess is that they'd shrug off the latter, and sing the praises of his brilliant anti-smoking policies.

After all, many of the pro-Kyoto nutjobs parade down the street holding posters of Stalin and Che, two of the most anti-environmental bastards of the last hundred years.

Guess we'll see.


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