Friday, December 22, 2006

Here it comes again

Just a while ago, while driving home, I passed a van that had the following bumper sticker on it:

President 2008

Yippee. Already people are supporting him, and I doubt the woman (surprisingly, she was white) could name any solid reason to vote for him.

I assume that one would agree "He's Black" is not a valid reason to vote for him. On a less likely note, let's assume for the sake of argument that "He's a democrat" is also not a valid reason. The only thing I've ever heard of him doing is giving speeches. And over the last few months (at least leading up to the last elections), his most common theme seems to have been "elect more blacks to the Senate, since I'm getting lonely."

Wow. Brings a patriotic tear to your eye, doesn't it?

Ah well. Perhaps someday he'll propose a piece of legislation, or make a coherent and interesting speech that'll tell us more about him. At this point though, he seems to be running (or not. One never knows, do we?) [Note: I typed that last sentence with a straight face. I can do that for the bitch from New York also!] on the theme of "I'm young, black and charismatic. Elect me your next president because I deserve it."

Sadly, while I don't ever vote straight Republican, since I don't always agree with them, I never vote Democrat, since I swore them off after the clinton impeachment, when they lied their asses off about the lack of evidence, overturning elections, etc.. And at this point, it appears that we're gonna be stuck with liberal Republicans (read: mainstream Democrats), and whacked out leftists masquerading as mainstream Democrats.

Looks like '08 could be a Mickey Mouse kind of election, no?


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