Thursday, October 19, 2006


Have you seen this? CNN has decided to show video of a terrorist sniper team in Iraq gunning down an American soldier. I am absolutely floored. I find this more despicable than words can communicate. Even worse than their actions is the fact that the terrorist group involved gave it to the network because they want to negotiate with the US. And good old CNN thinks this is necessary, and they're doing a Good Thing. God in Heaven, I hope that al Qaeda hits CNN with their next attack. I simply can't believe all of this.

I intended to copy the text of my email to CNN, but I'm so angry that I messed up and copied something else. But I can promise that I used words like "despicable", "disgusting", "henious" and so on. And I also swore never to allow that network in my house. I hope everyone else boycotts them also. This is too, too far over the line.


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