Thursday, October 19, 2006


Ah, through the magic of the "back" button, I found the email I sent. It might not be the most well thought out, logical, and concise email I've ever written, but it's probably the most heartfelt.

I just wanted to write and tell you what a despicable, slimy, disgusting piece of crap network you have become. Your piece about snipers in Iraq is so beyond the realm of "news", and so far into the realm of enemy propaganda as to leave me literally speechless. I cannot possibly communicate the contempt that I now have for CNN. How do you think this garbage is going to come across to the families of the US service members who have been killed by these snipers? How would you people feel if a member of your family were killed by a sniper, and then a few days later you find that one of the "news" networks is showing a video taken by a sniper there? It is incredibly insensitive. And we haven't even started on the seditious angle. This garbage is purely propaganda used to undermine the War Effort. Regardless of how the employees at CNN feel about the War, there is simply no need for you to shill for terrorists. Perhaps if they want to negotiate with the US, they could stop killing our soldiers, and find a way to make contact. But no, they are using you for their dirty work, and you are either too stupid or too anti-US to see it. In any case, I will never again allow your slimy, hateful network in my house. My only hope is that the next al-Qaeda strike is against your office building, so that you might finally understand the nature of your new-found friends.

I hope that I wasn't too subtle for them.


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