Thursday, September 30, 2010

Islam and its long war

Here we go again.  The muslims are fighting a war of infinite length, and most people don't seem to understand it.  It's just like the communists.... they're willing to fight for generations and centuries to achieve final victory.  The rest of the world, not understanding fully that there is a war going on; try to make nice, and only see the immediate future.

So lets get some perspective:  According to Hindi tradition, this site is the birthplace of Rama.  Given how long Hinduism has existed in India (at least 2000 years), I'd say this site was holy to the Hindus long before Islam came along, and of course archaelogy confirms this obvious fact.

As always, the Muslims came along, butchering and robbing; and saw a holy site.  "Aha" said they.  "A holy site for us to confiscate."  And they destroyed the temple, and built a mosque.  Later, they lost control of the area.  Eventually, radical Hindus destroyed the mosque, leading to bloodshed.  But the Muslims, of course, contend that the Site is "holy" to them, and therefore it belongs to them.  After all, they've been there for 400 years!

Now the lawyers (this being India, likely trained in the British tradition) have agreed.


They never are.  It's a major part of their tradition of conquest.  Cordoba, Jerusalem, Constantinople, etc.  Take over an important shrine/site and build a new shrine there, in order to cement your presence and your right to be there. (In the interest of fairness, most conquerors do the same.)  It's just that when the conqueror is anyone but the Muslims, it's considered wrong.  When it's the Muslims.... well, just repeat the mantra:  "religion of peace, religion of peace".

Once again, the strategy seems to be working, and growing increasingly blatant. 

The Ground Zero Mosque sound familiar, anyone?

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