Friday, August 13, 2010

Stupid Media Tricks

I was just watching the semi-professional local news here in my little town. They were talking about the fact that GM is gonna be selling stock again. (Even my mom, a retired GM employee, is uninterested BTW). But what grabbed me and almost set me off is the repeated announcement that GM is "going to go public".

WTF? I thought that the taxpayers in this country owned the Company already. So isn't that already "public"? Apparently not. They also stated that "the government owns 61% of the Company".

Really? Again, I thought the taxpayers owned it. The government in this country shouldn't own crap! If it's bought with my money, then don't I own it?

Grrr. In most cases, the media shills for Bambi and his cronies, but in this case, while it's still the most likely excuse, it could just be that the local news people aren't professional enough to know the difference.


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