Monday, January 19, 2009

Proper use of history

Every week, preferably on Monday (my day off) I run over to look at the websites of Mark Steyn and Victor Davis Hanson.  I then read all their weekly ruminations in one delicious helping.

Today, in the very last sentence that I read on Dr. Hanson's site, I came across a wonderful bit.  This is the sort of comment that one can make when one is an actual historian, and is able to make analyses, detect historical trends, and so on.  (As opposed to just warning people that So-And-So is a Fascist, when in fact the opposite is true).

So with no further ado:

"...we have no media anymore, only a group of rather elite socializers who believe they play a key role in ensuring social justice by their enlightened ethical commentary.  A successful journalist in DC or New York is instead a social position, analogous to the thousands who lived in 18th-century Versailles, and occasionally were invited to dine with Louis himself."

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