Monday, January 26, 2009

There's one apple that fell right near the tree

Well this is pretty bizarre.  Who would have guessed that the whole Booth family was nuts?

On the other hand, I recall reading once that one of John Wilkes Booth's brothers saved a man from falling in front of a train.  The man he saved was (predictably, if you like irony), Robert T. Lincoln.  Son of Abraham.

Apparently they exchanged names, but the conversation didn't go too far after that.  Wonder why....

The comments are also fun.  Especially the whiny "I can't believe anyone would use violence" ones, and the "Lincoln was a racist" ones.  Amazing that lib-tards can espouse moral relativism regarding current affairs so strongly, but then expect everyone in history to have had the exact same morals as we do today.

But then, they're idiots.  Go figure.

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