Monday, June 30, 2008

A WTF? Post

Here's a non-Ace post.  Gates of Vienna put this up the other day.  As a reader can see, I made my opinion clear right from the get-go.  And my opinion hasn't changed or mellowed in the least.  I still have no idea what the author was getting at.

Irony is pointless, methinks, without some kind of context.  And this moron slaps this garbage up (rather, gives it to GoV to slap up), and then runs and hides.  Notice that the author never shows up in the comments.  He just leaves it to Baron Bodissey to defend him.

In fairness, I seem to recall a couple other pieces by the same author, also posted by GoV.  And while they didn't offend me the way this one did, they were equally stupid.

Sadly, I sometimes feel that GoV has slipped dramatically the last few months.  The comments especially are often nothing more than a haven for the incredibly arrogant and stupid.

Yours truly excepted, of course.

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Baron Bodissey said...

OK, I get your point. But I'm trying to allow a Russian guy some voice -- those Russians can be peculiar, and I'm helping him ease into the mix this way.

But regardless of that, how about you write and send something to me? I'm a friendly and truly inclusive guy, and you could have at it at Gates of Vienna.

Why not? What have you got to lose?

Also: if you want quality in a comment, check out what El Inglés has to say here.

And you're right, we probably are slipping. My wife just came out of the hospital, I've got viral neuralgia, and I have a deadline to meet at work. So naturally when when someone else slips me little bit of camera-ready copy, I tend to jump at the opportunity...

But I'm going to ignore all those tooth-marks on my ankles and just keep on slogging.