Monday, October 01, 2007

And the winner is....

This one is kinda unfair. I'll give out the coveted "WTF were they thinking?" award, but there's only one candidate this time around. And here's a recap of her tale of incredible stupidity.

I still wonder what she was actually trying to do.


Just read a bit more about her. It would seem that she was simply making a "joke" or a "statement", but went about it the wrong way. Clearly. What's most fascinating is the way some of these people think. Particularly jaycerochester.

Oooh, yeah. Walk into an airport with something that looks, to the casual observer, like it could be a bomb, and because people react like it could be a bomb, the logical answer is, as the moron mentioned above says, to stop creating things, and let people live in their world of ignorance, etc.

I'd bet that particular moron is a libertarian. You know, somebody who is all in favor of freedom, but doesn't believe in letting the real world interfere with his ideals. And when it does, well the real world is wrong and must change.


Anyway, let's recognize Star Simpson (doesn't the name tell you 98% of what you need to know?) for being a complete moron, and then move on. Hopefully, next time she'll get move up in the awards world and get her a Darwin Award.

Or even better, let's hope that jaycerochester gets one.

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