Friday, August 03, 2007

This is a joke, right?

Well well well. It's been a quiet week, at least in my corner of the world. So I've been noticing a lack of nominees for the "WTF were they thinking?" award.

But have no fear. As long as we have athletes, we'll have nominees. This one is infielder Neifi Perez of the Detroit Tigers. Long renowned for his incredible batting prowess- Barry Bonds look out- Neifi has a slight problem. Apparently he likes his stimulants.

Maybe he needs them to stay awake while he sits on the bench. Cuz call me crazy, but I don't know that a .172 batting average is quite enough to keep him in the Major Leagues for too much longer.

Now, I think he has another reason to plan on being retired.

How stupid does somebody have to be to get busted for a banned substance just before you come back... from a suspension for the
same substance? I mean, come on. Did he think that the League would give him a pass because he'd already been busted? Or is he so low-energy that he can't stay awake during a baseball game (that's a freebie to any non-baseball lovers out there), and needs to take caffeine intravenously?

At any rate, it's gonna cost him a total of
$1,188,525 out of an annual salary of $2.5 million.

I wonder if he's married, cuz I'd love to hear him 'splain this one to his wife.

So Neifi, here's your moment in the sun. Pop some speed while you contemplate your impending life after baseball. Because your post-baseball life is pretty damn close now.

Here it is amigo. On behalf of all sports fans everywhere, I have to ask "WTF were you thinking?"

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