Thursday, July 19, 2007

The most despicable candidate ever.

Here's one that defines the concept of stupidity. Michael Vick. You're a professional athlete, making millions of dollars on the playing field, and millions more in promotions. Your talents are so amazing, that you're called a "freak".

So what do you do? You get into dog fighting (allegedly). You travel around the country with pit bulls, and gamble on their prowess in "death match" fights against other dogs.

This alone is enough to make you a strong "WTF was he thinking?" candidate. But you have to take things one step farther. As is apparently normal in this heinous, disgusting "sport", you take some of the helpless animals you are training, and hold "test fights" to see if they have what it takes to kill another dog for the amusement of you and your fellow cavemen. And if the dog appears to not be vicious, enough, well.... even with a contract worth over $100 million dollars, you can't afford to feed and shelter dogs that aren't paying their way, ya know? So they have to be gotten rid of.

And not in a normal fashion. No, you have to be more inhumane to the dogs that won't fight for your amusement than you are to the ones that will. According to the indictment against Vick and his cronies, the seven dogs that failed the "test" the last time-April of this year, apparently- were put down by such means as electrocution and (this one alone will reserve Vick and Co. a special placing the lowest pits of Hell), slamming them into the ground over and over until dead.

(Disclaimer: I don't know that Vick himself used this technique, but somebody apparently did, and there's apparently a 25% chance it was him. And either way, it did happen on his property, and with his knowledge.)

Sorry for the description, but people really need to understand what a piece of crap this guy is. Writing this now, even after I've read it several times, I'm still amazed. How disgusting.

So for cruelty to animals above and beyond anything that a normal person can even imagine, I give this piece of dog crap a resounding "WTF were you thinking, you piece of disgusting animal feces?"

Sorry for the tiny bit of editorializing there. But I don't apologise for saying it.

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