Sunday, November 19, 2006

Surprised but not shocked

So I stumbled upon this news today. It truly doesn't surprise me. On a certain level, it makes some kind of sick sense. Mike Tyson as a "male escort"? First off, I think that's a pretty misleading term. He's becoming a gigolo. Period. No escorting required. I suppose that particular term came about from attractive women who were hired to go out and accompany men in public (or vice versa), for the sake of having a date. So no, Mikey isn't likely to be going anywhere with these women, except to the room that they pick.

Of course, I could be wrong.

But the thought that keeps coming to mind is that it truly makes perfect sense. Tyson says "
it's every man's dream to please every woman - and get paid for it." Which is more or less perfectly true. So from his angle, what the hell.

And from the perspective of Heidi Fleiss, well... I just wish I could come up with an idea like that. Very good publicity (in the sense of Wilde that "the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about"). And most importantly, I think she's onto something here. She says he'll be her "big stallion". No doubt in my mind that, if he can keep from biting women against their will, he'll be a success. Because deep in their minds, I think this is a fantasy come true for many women.

Why? First off, just for the notoriety: there are women out there that really would like to say they got it from Tyson. He makes an interesting "notch" on the proverbial belt. Share that with their friends at a bachelorette party, and see if anyone can top it. Further, he is, (how to be delicate here?) a large Black man. Many women will expect him to be large everywhere, and will be willing to pay to find out firsthand.

Also, it's still a certain taboo, I think- the delicate woman ravaged by the "big buck ..." (Fill in the blank on the last word. Hint: it starts with an N.) Look online- there's lots of web sites devoted to "interracial sex". Perhaps intended for men, but I don't know for sure. My hunch would be that the suburban soccer moms would be a pretty interesting client base for him. Curiosity, etc. Perhaps also overseas women-Asian for instance, who might have questions about Black Men, and limited opportunities to get answers.

And he's certainly a "Bad Boy". Look, he's a boxer, and in his prime a damn good one. Generally speaking, women aren't into that. It's violent and primal. Yes, there are techniques, strategy, and all that. But those are most apparent to the student of the sport. To someone that hasn't really watched it, it's still just two big strong men beating the snot out of each other, until one is beaten into unconsciousness. A man that has excelled there is a "warrior". And women are hard-wired to be attracted to that.

Not to mention the little thing about being a rapist. Again, it's the dominant, authoritative Bad Boy. Like the old movies where the hero grabs the woman, and kisses her while she resists furiously, until her body takes over and she willingly gives in. Many women- from what I've read (and I don't mean just Penthouse letters) do have submission fantasies- I've even known a couple. To be alone in a room with a man that is big enough, strong enough, wild enough and yes, even violent enough to just ravish you against your will can, in some circumstances, be an insane turn-on for a woman. (Again, just for the sake of clarification, I don't refer to every woman. But I think there are more of them out there than many people realize).

My guess is that there'll be a certain element of clientele that want to play-act an assault by Tyson. Of course, the idea would be to experience the fantasy of assault (or to cut to the chase and be perfectly blunt, rape) by him, in a controlled environment. Much ripping of clothing, protestations of innocence, mild resistance, followed by being taken in an animalistic manner. Don't believe me? Read some women's fantasy books-Harlequins and the like.

Of course, the key is in a "controlled environment". There'll have to be safeguards in effect to ensure that he doesn't get out of control. Even though the women are there for consensual sex, and there's no question that they truly "want it", there's also no question, given his background, that he could get carried away and go for his fantasy rather than hers. It happens. Just ask Kobe Bryant. It'll have to be very clear, and spelled out in advance, exactly what will happen. And then everyone'll hold their breath and hope he doesn't break from the script.

So I dunno. It could make Fleiss and Tyson a pile of money, or it could see Tyson back in prison, with Fleiss forced out of business by lawsuits. Hell, with him,there's no way to even be sure it'll ever happen. From the sounds of it, the "Stud Farm" won't even be open for a while. He could be in prison before then. Or he could just change his mind about the whole thing- especially if he finds himself servicing unattractive 50-something businesswomen.

I guess we'll wait and see. Like I said, it could be huge, it could be a disaster. On the good side, I suppose he'll have to be tested for STD, which is probably a plus.